Voittajat 2015

Best Mobile Service in Finland 2015 -kilpailussa kilpailtiin kuudessa eri sarjassa. Tässä vuoden voittajat kategorioittain.

Paras terveys- tai hyvinvointi/fitnesspalvelu

  • Noona


    Service that improves the quality of cancer patient care in a new way and makes the patient-clinic relationship more personal and meaningful. This service also provides cancer centers a real-time holistic view of their patients’ wellbeing.

Paras hyötypalvelu

  • eTasku


    Service that helps us to get rid of some frustrating and unproductive paper work. Now we can handle our travelling expenses and other business expenses just by pushing the button on our mobile phones. No more lost receipts and paper documents!

Paras ajanvietepalvelu

  • Ventoura


    Application that encourages travelers to step out of tourist traps and to discover unique experiences and to find new friends and new destinations. With a strong social dimension this “uber of travelling” connects the travelers and the local people in the whole new way.

Paras teollinen internet, M2M -palvelu

  • IndoorAtlas


    Service based on magnetic positioning that made an international breakthrough in indoor mapping. It has a wide range of use for example in shopping malls, congress centers and other indoor spaces. Where the GPS or compass doesn’t work this innovation still does!

Paras mobiilimaksua hyödyntävä palvelu

  • Föli


    Perfect example of a service in which the direct carrier billing is a most smooth and natural way to get the payment done. Easy and safe for both the end-user and the merchant. We are looking forward to see something like this in the Helsinki metropolitan area too!

Parhaan kansainvälisen potentiaalin omaava palvelu

  • Yoogaia


    The award goes to a forerunner in online well-being applications. It provides personally guided live yoga classes through your own web cam with a very dynamic user experience. We see a big international potential here.